Safety Devices Essential to Explosion Proof Overhead Crane Operation

Overhead cranes in explosive petrochemical or other hazardous environments require special care. It is essential to know the safety devices and functions that will help you maintain a safe work environment.

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An overhead crane in this type of environment will already have some non-sparking and anti-explosive qualities. These cranes also have electric motors with brakes and are usually ventilated. When they are installed, they have to be installed according to standards set forth by your safety regulators.

Excellent crane manufacturers make sure the functions to keep it shielded from hazards are included in the product. These include items like overload limiters. These keep the unit from lifting when a lift load is over the rated amount. Another device is the buffer. This is installed at the end of the structure. It absorbs any energy that comes when a rare collision occurs. This reduces the implosion that could result.

Anti-wind and Anti-slip devices must also be included on the crane. These are best for outdoor units that could slide off the tracks if the weather becomes windy or extreme in other ways. When it gets hit with any heavy wind, it will not turn over even if it is at the end of the railing.

A limit-position or traveling limiter is also a good device to look for on an overhead unit. When the crane operates and goes near the limit, the limiter will cut off the power to keep it from moving. These limiters can be a drop type, a lift type or a traveling type.

Interlocking protection is another important safety device. It locks the motor switch so that it cannot work unless it is manually switched on. This keeps it from operating where it could hurt your workers. This is similar to an emergency switch which also automatically keeps the machine from functioning when conditions are dangerous to people nearby.

One other thing to look for is a zero-position device. This controls the crane which operates by three devices. The lifting mechanism, the mechanism that allows it to travel on the rail and the trolley itself all work individually. If the machine is not on the zero-position none of these will start.

Not every manufacturer will make a product that has these important features. These features are necessary to keep your workers safe. They are also there to keep your production process safe and free of damage or other problems.

Environments where these overhead machines are essential include the oil business, the chemical and petrochemical industries as well as the engineering industry or the maritime industry. If your company is involved in any of these industries standard cranes are not going to work for your facility.

You must be sure the machine you buy for overhead processes comes complete with a full array of features meant to keep the production running smoothly even when dangerous or flammable chemicals are nearby. Different countries have different safety regulations so make certain the crane you purchase has all the necessary mechanisms to keep your workplace free from accidents. Maybe our explosion proof overhead crane is a good choice for your business.

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